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Over 12 years experience in digital slideshows and format conversions.  

Create photo slideshows with music for special events
Create video presentations for special events
Convert records, cassettes, reel-to-reel, 8-tracks, 78s to CD/MP3
Convert old film and video formats (16mm, 8mm/Super 8mm, VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi-8, etc) to DVD
Scan, organize and retouch photos and 35mm slides
Compose music for presentations (


LP to CD

VHS to DVD   


Once again used Dave's conversion services. He did a top-notch job converting a VHS tape to DVD format. Am a very satisfied returning customer! I HIGHLY recommend him!

Great job for a great price, the quality of the DVD's were terrific and the turn around time was out of this world. I cannot say enough good things about David if anyone needs a great job done right give him a call.

I was just happy to find someone to convert my old VHS tapes to DVDs and Dave did a superb job, the quality is great and he did a great job of organizing the photos and time frames. Very, very reasonable price. I still have additional tapes for him to convert and am looking forward to getting all of this done. It is a real plus as well to have someone who is musical and can add some special touches to the DVDs.

I had a pretty large collection of VCR tapes with family video starting from when my kids were babies to when they were grown. We filmed random amounts on each tape and labeled them poorly. After taking up space on our shelves for years, I took them to David Hollandsworth who managed to transfer them in an organized fashion, consolidating them on DVDs that were labeled beautifully and professionally packaged. I thought it would take weeks but it took just a few days. We can now enjoy our family DVDs so much more easily and they don't take up near the space.The quality is excellent too.

Dave did a wonderful and quick job of transferring my parent's wedding cassette tape to CD and my sister's wedding VHS to DVD all for their 40th and 20th wedding anniversaries! They were great gifts and they all loved being able to keep their treasured memories on updated media devices! Kristi Jacky/Roanoke VA

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the transfers from vinyl to MP3’s...I sent 4 old vinyls (from the 70’s) to be transferred to MP3’s. When I got the zip files for the MP3’s from Dave, I could not believe my ears. It sounds brand new! The quality is unbelievable! It’s great to hear the music I missed for so many years. You can trust Dave and his service. He is very reliable and good at what he does...I highly recommend anyone who wants their treasured vinyls to be transferred to MP3’s or cds to contact Dave Hollandsworth. IT’S HOLLANDSWORTH IT! Thanks Dave. Darrell from Hawaii

Over the past couple of weeks I've really been enjoying the CDs that you transferred for me. I've had 3 different people transfer vinyl for me in the past and your transfers are far superior. I plan on sticking with you for all of my future transfers! Thanks again. Joshua Collins

Hey - I got the CD's and they are incredible man!!!!!! You exceeded my expectations completely!!!I felt like I was back in the recording studio at age 15--I can actually pick out individual voices of people--which seems really weird but its so fascinating to me. Your cover art is just fine!!! You really do a great job--I think I'll turn my brother on to you--if you want--he has MANY albums--you could get rich off him!!!!

These out of print LP's sound super on CD! Thanks so much going the extra mile and making the beautiful full color inserts. John from Hawaii

I highly recommend this service. Dave Hollandsworth is trustworthy and he does an excellent job of transferring vinyl to CD. The album covers are also transferred in color as well as some of the liner notes to a CD jewel case liner that is included in the price. I was able to purchase online records from around the country and have them drop-sent to David and within days, he converted them to CD format on high quality CD (Sony) and sent them on to me. At every juncture along the way, Dave's communications were excellent and the complete transaction was totally painless. Since he takes Paypal and the record company's that I purchased the records from (including one in the UK), I never had to leave my computer at home.
I highly recommend his service to anyone, who like me, enjoys the old records of the past but has long since moved on to CD as the format of choice. I purchased 11-vinyl to CD conversions and all turned out excellent - far exceeding my expectations. Dave provides an excellent and reputable service. Highly recommended.
Regards, Randy

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your LP to CD transfers. These CD's have no hiss and no hint of being transferred from an LP. The sound quality is excellent! You must have superb equipment. - John